Is Guitar Easy or Hard To Learn by Yourself? | The Truth!

There are many opinions on whether you can become a good guitar player by learning on your own, but most guitarists agree it’s easy to get started by yourself.

There are many free resources for learning guitar, so it’s not hard to get started if you are motivated.

But maybe you’re wondering how good you can get by learning on your own, how long it will take before you can play your favorite songs, or will you get good enough to play in a band?

We’re going to take a look at ways you can learn guitar by yourself at home, both free and paid methods, and how easy or hard each method is. Learning by yourself certainly works, but it’s also worth exploring other options particularly if you would like to become a really good player.

boy teenager playing guitar at home

Can You Teach Yourself To Play Guitar?

Fortunately for you this is the best time in history for learning guitar, with an amazing mountain of resources available online that you simply couldn’t get in the past.

The other great thing is that many of these resources are completely free!

So even if you have no money you can still easily get started by teaching yourself to play guitar.

How To Learn Guitar By Yourself

If you’re just starting out, then the first thing is to learn a few easy basic open chords and some simple strumming patterns to make it sound good.

You do already have a guitar …right?

It’s very easy to learn these first few basics by yourself, and a quick YouTube search for ‘start learning guitar’ or ‘beginner guitar lessons’ will give you a wide selection of free guitar lessons.

Of course there are plenty of other ways as a beginner to start learning (and make it easy), so keep reading as we go deeper down the rabbit hole.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

Most beginner guitarists ask the question “how long does it take to learn guitar?” without knowing this is a harder question to answer than they realize.

Some people take only a few years to become blindingly good at guitar, others take many years, and being honest – many learner guitarists never reach far beyond a beginner or low-intermediate level of playing.

Why is this?

There are many factors to consider when learning the guitar, and when deciding to learn at home by yourself there are a few questions you first need to ask yourself.

Once you can answer these questions you will have a better idea of how long it might take to get to different levels of guitar mastery.

What Sort Of Learner Are You?

Are you the type of person who absorbs new information easily, or maybe someone who needs a little longer to grasp a new concept?

It’s worth considering what type of subjects naturally interest you. If you’re a mad science genius who’s great at math but can’t seem to find your artistic ability then this may indicate where you are strongest at learning.

  • Do you find yourself tapping your foot in time to your favorite music? Then you may be more inclined to find learning guitar easier than others since your mind naturally gravitates to music.

The facts are that everyone has an area in life that they naturally gravitate to and are good at. If this is you, then you will probably see faster progress than other beginner guitarists.

How motivated are You?

How much do you REALLY want to learn guitar? If it’s just a passing interest or you’re not that sure yet, then it will take you longer to learn on your own than someone who is intent on becoming good at playing.

Maybe the strongest factor that determines your speed of learning is your motivation and how regularly you spend time learning.

Even the most naturally gifted person who doesn’t practice won’t become as good at guitar as someone who puts in the effort.

One good thing about learning guitar is that quite often you will become more motivated over time as you start mastering new skills. The more you enjoy playing, the easier learning seems.

Is It Hard To Stay Motivated Learning Guitar By Yourself?

Possibly this is one of the hardest aspects of teaching yourself to play guitar, as you only have one person to motivate you – and that’s YOU!

If your motivation decreases over time, you may never reach the mastery of guitar you dream of, so it becomes important to have a lesson plan that pushes you forward and constantly stretches your skills.

When you just randomly learn snippits of guitar you will probably find yourself getting bored over time, as your skills will stop improving and you become tired of playing the same stuff over and over.

To make learning guitar on your own easier, it is important to have a lesson plan and goals to reach.

Do You Have A Musical Goal With Guitar?

Before you even begin learning guitar you probably have some sort of idea in your mind what type of player you dream of being.

Maybe you listened to Jack Johnson and loved his acoustic guitar style, or heard Steve Vai playing some insane guitar solo and want to play like that too one day.

It’s a good idea to think about why you want to learn guitar, even before you start.

Your musical goals can change later – that’s ok, but if you don’t have something to aim for when you start, then you will quickly lose interest since you are not moving toward a skill level of guitar that is of interest to you.

Especially when learning at home by yourself you will need goals. Without these goals, learning guitar by yourself will be harder, as you may reach a plateau that you never get past.

It’s easier and more motivating to have smaller guitar skill level goals that are achievable, and those smaller goals should one-by-one move you toward a larger goal.

How Good Do You Want To Get?

Part of goal setting is thinking about what level you would like to reach with your guitar skills.

This will be different for everyone, some people just want to learn a few chords to strum with a singer, or around a campfire, others want to be guitar gods of the universe and take dominion over all mankind!

Most of us are somewhere in-between the two, and when setting your goals it might be best to think of an artist who inspires you, who’s songs you would love to play on guitar.

How Long Guitar Takes To Learn

Now that we have thought about a few factors, we can work out more closely how easy or hard it will be to learn guitar by yourself.

There are sites that give you numbers of hours you need to complete practicing to reach different levels, but that can vary greatly from person to person.

Looking at averages, it normally takes a beginner guitarist 1 -2 years to become intermediate, another 2 to 3 years to become advanced, and another 2 – 4 years to move toward being an expert.

These are very rough numbers and will vary for each person depending on all the factors we discussed, and the amount of daily time put into practice.

To become a true master of the guitar is mainly hard due to the sustained dedication it takes to reach that level of mastery. It could take many years to learn how to shred like an expert.

Although you can learn on your own, there are many good reasons to get on-on-one lessons with a teacher.

Professional guitar lessons will increase your skills faster than learning by yourself by correcting poor techniques as you learn, focusing your learning, and playing with other musicians.

Free Methods Of Learning Guitar at Home

Let’s first take a look a look at free methods of learning guitar that you can do by yourself at home.

There are always pros and cons to everything, so we will explore those to discover how easy or hard it might be to teach yourself guitar with free learning methods.

Learning Guitar By Yourself With YouTube

YouTube is jam packed with guitar lessons, in fact there is so much content on there it can be hard to know where to begin, or how to stay on track to keep learning.

You can choose to follow a free guitar course from one publisher, pick multiple micro-courses and move from one to the next, or just learn songs by watching people explain how to play them.

You will improve just by following videos, learning some music concepts, and playing of course!

Let’s look at some different ways of using YouTube video guitar learning…

Organized Lessons On YouTube

One well known site that has videos on YouTube is JustinGuitar, and they have great resources for beginning guitarists.

By Following a channel like this you will get lessons that build on each other to give you a steady learning curve.

If the publisher of the free video course has a website, you may be able to visit their site after finishing the free course, and they may have other free or paid courses available.

Organized lessons are good since they give you a steady learning path that keeps your learning interesting.

However, you may find after completing a course you need to find a course from a different teacher to continue learning at a higher level.

This could make progress harder since the new course may not continue where the previous course ended and may have a different teaching style.

Watching Random YouTube Videos

You can learn a lot from random teaching videos and can learn many new musical ideas that give you variety in your guitar playing.

This can be an easy way to learn different guitar techniques from different player perspectives.

The problem with this approach is you lose focus on your guitar playing goals, and it is hard to follow a unified way of learning the theory and techniques that move you toward your goals.

Eventually, if this is your only learning method you will become confused at all the poorly connected information and this can halt your progress and hinder your enthusiasm.

Learning Songs From YouTube

Maybe your approach to guitar is just to learn songs?

Many musicians agree that this is vital to becoming better at playing guitar, and YouTube videos make it quite easy to learn new songs, as they are generally explained well in the videos.

You can certainly learn almost any song on YouTube, and your playing will improve as a result.

One way this is a great learning tool is that you can learn a song and then play along with the song many times until you really nail it, and this is similar to playing with a band.

If you are wanting to learn songs that require more difficult techniques or require a deeper knowledge of music such as scales and modes, then you will need actual lesson material.

  • As good as YouTube is for learning songs, it is best used in conjunction with a planned video instruction series. This way as your technique and knowledge improves, you can learn new songs at a higher level of difficulty.

Learning Guitar By Yourself From Guitar Forums

Forums are great for interacting with other guitarists, asking questions and getting answers.

As great as this is, you won’t find entire courses on forums, they are more designed around sharing information with other musicians.

So if you want to know an answer to a question you have regarding guitar, then a forum can give you some real gold as other guitarists will be happy to share their knowledge and opinions.

Guitar forums are a great resource for adding to your learning methods and make learning guitar by yourself easier when you get stuck with something you don’t understand.

Learning Guitar With Friends

When you think of learning guitar by yourself don’t forget you can hang out with friends that play and get some inspiration and new techniques from them.

Learning to play the guitar with friends

The real learning is when you play on your own and try imitating and perfecting the same songs and playing techniques your friends showed you.

This is a good way to easily learn more about guitar, and is especially good when you play with another musician – this teaches you new skills that you cannot learn on your own and is an important part of learning guitar.

Paid Do-It-Yourself Guitar Tuition

You can also learn guitar at home with a few paid methods, let’s have a quick look at some options.

Books with Audio

Traditionally (before the world wide web existed) the primary method of learning guitar on your own was to purchase books that contained lessons and music theory, and often came with an audio recording.

These are still available, although clearly not so popular in today’s modern age.

There are still many great music training books, particularly on music theory, but compared to online video-style training are harder to follow and learn from when teaching yourself.

Check out this review of the Guitar for Dummies book – a good way to get started by yourself.

Learning Guitar By Yourself From An Online Course

There are many great online courses, and they are one of the easiest and best ways to learn guitar by yourself.

These courses can be free, but usually the paid courses are best since professional musicians produce them (and make a living from them).

The prices for these courses are much cheaper than direct lessons with a teacher, which is great when your budget is a little lower.

Depending on the size of the website and the courses they offer, you may get courses that take you from basic concepts right through to advanced guitar playing.

Another great thing is that there are courses designed to teach you in many different styles such as acoustic, electric lead, blues, country, rock, and metal just to name a few.

Online courses are particularly good if you don’t have much time to get to a teacher, or don’t regularly have access to one. They are an easy way to learn guitar on your own, and at your own pace.

Can A Learning Device Like Chord Buddy Help To Learn Guitar?

There are some learning aids available such as the ChordBuddy or the EZ-Fret guitar attachment that claim to make to initial beginner guitar easier.

These devices clamp onto the guitar and have buttons you press down with your fingers to push the strings onto the frets. The buttons can be arranged to create particular chords when pressed.

Their aim is to make it easier by training your fingers the correct position for basic open chords, also taking away the initial soreness that often comes with your fingertips pressing on the strings.

While these devices may come with a simple lesson plan to get you started, they are at best a short-term solution, and probably not the best way to start learning.

It’s debatable whether they make learning on your own easier, and personally I believe you are far better off just following an online course and learning without these devices.

Learning Guitar From A Guitar Teacher

Ok, so our whole discussion so far has been about teaching yourself guitar, however we should have a brief look at what a guitar teacher can do for your guitar progress.

Teachers tend to be far more expensive than courses, as they need to have one-on-one sessions with their students, and provide studio space also.

The best things with taking lessons from a teacher are:

  • You have direct communication with them for questions.
  • They can watch you play and correct bad techniques.
  • They keep your progress constantly moving toward your playing goals.
  • They stop you getting stuck in a rut, which keeps you progressing faster.
  • They will tailor the lesson material toward the playing style you desire.

So having a guitar teacher is excellent if you have time and can afford it, and is easier than learning by yourself if you want to really excel at playing guitar.

Don’t forget – even with lessons from a teacher, most of your learning and improving is still done by yourself when you practice what you learnt in the lessons.

Is It Ever Too Late To Learn Guitar?

Learning guitar won’t get harder the older you get, so it’s never too late to start.

Becoming a competent guitar player should be an enjoyable journey, and it’s best to approach it that way rather than place undue pressure on yourself to meet a certain standard.

Just because you didn’t start when you were 6 years old doesn’t mean it’s too late at 16, 26 or even 60!

As long as you have a will to learn the guitar, you will find that learning is enjoyable and probably not as hard as you think – just don’t punish yourself if you can’t make that G chord sound good on the first day!

Learning guitar as a hobby can be very fulfilling, it’s great to make your own guitar sound like the songs you love – check out our article here on playing guitar as a hobby.


Maybe now you are at the final decision point, and you are about to start learning guitar?

We have discussed many pros and cons of learning guitar by yourself at home, and also how easy or difficult this will be.

As a beginner guitarist it’s easy to start learning from online courses by yourself, as there are many great courses available that are free. Just be careful to copy the lessons carefully to avoid developing bad techniques and follow a course that builds your skills one step at a time.

As a more advanced guitar player you will need time playing and learning with other musicians, and could find some one-on-one lessons with a good teacher will accelerate your learning.

So don’t wait any longer, jump in and start playing.

I promise – it will be worth the journey!