Wrist Hurts in Fretting Hand When Playing Guitar? (Tips)

Wrist pain can be a common problem for guitar players, as the hand and wrist are often in motion while under tension. Some of the most common causes of guitar wrist pain include overuse, poor playing technique, and bad posture. If these problems are repeated regularly without addressing the cause of wrist pain, it can…


Guitar Hand Cramps: How to Stop Them (& Barre Chord Tips)

Everyone at some point in their guitar journey has experienced hand cramps, and it’s not just something that happens to beginners. Lead guitar players can also experience cramping in their playing hand after fast solo’s and extended playing like at a gig. Quite often new guitar players get them when learning to play barre chords….


How To Strum With A Pick Smoothly (Easy Guitar TIPS)

Learning how to strum smoothly with a pick takes some practice. You have to become used to the plectrum that essentially becomes an extension of your fingertips. It can be a frustrating struggle when you first start, but with some time and practice it soon gets easier, until strumming with a pick feels completely natural…..


Guitar Tips for Older Beginners (Make Learning Guitar Easier)

The joys of guitar should not be reserved exclusively for long haired punks still riding out their teenage years. Everyone should be able to and can, learn how to play the guitar, no matter their age. No matter how old you are learning guitar takes time and patience. They’ll be days of frustration where you’ll…


Is Bass Guitar Needed in A Band? (Deciding for Your Band)

In a world where guitarists are typically regarded as the most important member of a band, the bass guitar has been relegated to the back of the queue when putting together your dream band lineup.  But is the idea that bass guitar isn’t important a fair point or a misunderstanding of the instrument propped up…


Slide Guitar Open Tuning Tips (Best Keys & Guitar Setup Tips)

A staple of the Southern United States Blues movement, slide guitar did away with the typical scales and progression of what had come before it and turned the guitar into something completely new.  Open tuning allowed these guitarists to freely slide between chords, creating a twangy sound unique to the genre.  To get started with…

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How To Put On Acoustic & Electric Guitar Straps (Gear Guide)

Putting a strap on your guitar for the first time is not always as easy and straightforward as one would think. You want to protect your investment by doing it right the first time. There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than watching your pride and joy take a hit, and the damage can be devastating. The number…


Is Practicing Guitar 2 Hours A Day Enough to Become Good?

Many guitarists say that practice is key to getting good, and you get out of it what you put into it. While they’re not entirely wrong, they’re not entirely right either. Becoming good at guitar is not about how long you practice each day, but the quality of your practice. It’s important to understand that…