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11 Yamaha Silent Guitar Problems (And Solutions)

Yamaha Silent guitars are great for late night and early morning guitar playing when you don’t want to disturb others, and are mostly well designed. I own two Yamaha steel string silent guitars and have found them quite reliable, with only a few minor problems showing up after years of use. This doesn’t mean that…


Are Epiphone Acoustic Guitars a Good Brand? (Find Out!)

Most guitarists know that Gibson owns Epiphone guitars, and Gibson is well-known for its acoustic guitars. Even better, most of Epiphone’s acoustics are “Inspired by Gibson,“ which gives Epiphone a slight edge simply on their name alone. While they don’t make the worlds best acoustic guitars, Epiphone acoustic guitars are a good buy for many…


Find The Easiest Acoustic Guitar to Play (Beginner Guide)

Acoustic guitars are generally harder to play than their electric counterparts predominantly because their necks are wider. In addition, the action is typically higher and the strings have more tension, which makes depressing the strings more difficult. So finding an affordable, easy-to-play acoustic can be challenging when you are just starting out. With a little…


Are Ibanez Acoustic Guitars Good Value? (Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re in the market for a new acoustic, but aren’t familiar with the abundance of brands within the industry, perhaps you’ve stumbled across the name Ibanez and wondered if they’re any good? Rest assured, they are! They have a full selection of instruments regardless of your play-style. Ibanez’ low-cost, high-quality guitars shot to the…


Takamine G Series Acoustic Guitars Reviewed (BEST Under $1000)

Takamine is a premier Japanese acoustic brand known for their stunning high-performance instruments available at affordable prices. In 2013, they introduced their G Series, performance-ready guitars as affordable alternatives by manufacturing them in China and Korea to lower costs. Known for high quality and exceptional value, Takamine’s G Series offers a variety of models and…

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38 Inch vs 41 Inch Guitars | And 7 Best Choices for Beginners

Just like a pair of shoes, it’s important that your guitar fits. You need the arm span to reach down to the first fret. For shorter arms and smaller hands, this can be difficult and uncomfortable. It’s also awkward moving your hand up and down the neck. So we often look for alternatives. Both 38…

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6 Best Acoustic Guitars for Female Beginners (Buyers Guide)

While guitars aren’t specifically designed for men or women, it can be more challenging for women to find a comfortable guitar. Whether due to body stature and size, or anatomy, finding a comfortable guitar can be frustrating. Knowing what to look for both as a beginner and as a female can certainly minimize your pain….

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Should A Beginner Buy the Cheapest Fender Acoustic Guitars?

Picking your first acoustic guitar can be a stressful process. It’s a big investment and the first step on your guitar journey! You may be wondering should you buy the cheapest Fender acoustic guitar you can find, or should you buy one that will last until you are an advanced player? Along with many other…

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Cort Earth Mini vs Baby Taylor (Is the Taylor Really Better?)

Cort Earth Mini and Baby Taylor guitars are frequently referred to as travel guitars, although they can be a good choice for a fun little instrument, or for children. The Baby Taylor is a great little guitar, and I have a friend in the music industry who keeps one on their lounge as a daily…