Is Donner A Good Guitar Brand? (Are They Worth Buying?)

Donner is a fairly new guitar and musical instrument maker, and while their starter guitars won’t give you the best pick-ups, hardware, or bridges, you can find one that’s both decent and affordable. Donner aim their guitars more at the beginner market, however more experienced players might like them for a cheap casual player instrument…


What Types Of Guitar Straps Are Best For YOU?

Many new and intermediate guitarists often overlook the importance of a proper guitar strap. However, anyone that’s spent any significant amount of time playing on their feet understands how crucial a properly fitted guitar strap can be to save your shoulder and back from hours of agony.  Your strap is an essential piece of equipment…


How To Strum With A Pick Smoothly (Easy Guitar Tips)

Learning how to strum smoothly with a pick takes some practice. You have to become used to the plectrum that essentially becomes an extension of your fingertips. It can be a frustrating struggle when you first start, but with some time and practice it soon gets easier, until strumming with a pick feels completely natural…..


Flatwound vs Roundwound Strings (Guitar & Bass Tips)

Choosing between flatwound strings and roundwound strings can be a difficult decision to make, and gaining some knowledge first can help you work out if you should make the change. Flatwound strings are much more commonly used on bass guitars than electric or acoustic guitars, and give a more mellow sound compared to brighter sounding…


Find The Easiest Acoustic Guitar to Play (Beginner Guide)

Acoustic guitars are generally harder to play than their electric counterparts predominantly because their necks are wider. In addition, the action is typically higher and the strings have more tension, which makes depressing the strings more difficult. So finding an affordable, easy-to-play acoustic can be challenging when you are just starting out. With a little…


Are Ibanez Acoustic Guitars Good Value? (Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re in the market for a new acoustic, but aren’t familiar with the abundance of brands within the industry, perhaps you’ve stumbled across the name Ibanez and wondered if they’re any good? Rest assured, they are! They have a full selection of instruments regardless of your play-style. Ibanez’ low-cost, high-quality guitars shot to the…


Guitar Starter Packs: Are They Worth It? (Or Buy Separately?)

Deciding whether or not to purchase a starter pack is a tough choice to make, especially if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, and you have little knowledge of quality brands. Obviously, a starter pack will not give you top quality, but you certainly don’t want cheap rubbish either. Guitar starter packs can…


Takamine G Series Acoustic Guitars Reviewed (BEST Under $1000)

Takamine is a premier Japanese acoustic brand known for their stunning high-performance instruments available at affordable prices. In 2013, they introduced their G Series, performance-ready guitars as affordable alternatives by manufacturing them in China and Korea to lower costs. Known for high quality and exceptional value, Takamine’s G Series offers a variety of models and…

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How To Put On Acoustic & Electric Guitar Straps (Gear Guide)

Putting a strap on your guitar for the first time is not always as easy and straightforward as one would think. You want to protect your investment by doing it right the first time. There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than watching your pride and joy take a hit, and the damage can be devastating. The number…